For the TBR pile

Which theologian are you?
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You scored as Paul TillichPaul Tillich sought to express Christian truth in an existentialist way. Our primary problem is alienation from the ground of our being, so that our life is meaningless. Great for psychotherapy, but no longer very influential.

Paul Tillich
Friedrich Schleiermacher
Jürgen Moltmann
Charles Finney
John Calvin
Jonathan Edwards
Martin Luther
Karl Barth

Thanks to Emily.


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7 responses to “For the TBR pile

  1. Bob probably has some Tillich he can lend you. (Tillich was, yet another, Union theologian.)

  2. Well, thanks, Emily! I’ve heard the name a lot, but have never actually read any of his work. That’s true of a lot of theologians, in fact.

  3. I got Paul Tillich too and I don’t know anything about him other than I’ve heard his name before.

  4. I am 87% Anselm, 80% Martin Luther, 73% John Calvin. (Only 20% Tillich) I had trouble with the wording of a lot of questions though; especially those that made two claims, one of which I supported and the other, I opposed. Interesting bit of fun, maybe I need to read these guys if I’m going to be labeled as being like them.

  5. Stefanie — I’ve vaguely known some of his ideas, but nothing substantial; it would be good to find out now!

    Bikkuri — it was difficult to answer some of those questions. I wanted to be able to say “I don’t care” for many of them …

  6. I wouldn’t know who any of these people are, alas, but any link to existentialism, surely makes you intellectually very sound, Dorothy!

  7. Thank you Litlove :) I rather like the idea of bringing Christianity and existentialism together.

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