Book Give-Away

Today I received a lovely package in the mail today from the wonderful blogger Cipriano. It was (of course!) a book: Geraldine Brooks’s novel People of the Book, which I won in a contest he held a couple weeks ago. Thank you, Cipriano!

This made me think about just how wonderful the book blogging community is and how many books I’ve won in similar give-aways over the last couple years. I must have pretty good luck, because I find I win these things pretty often. So thanks to everyone out there who has sent me a book (or several)!

It’s definitely time to return the favor. I missed the obvious occasion for a book give-away because my three-year blogging anniversary was back in March (three years! how have I done it so long?). But who needs a special occasion to have a book give-away?

So here’s the deal: just leave a comment on this post saying you’d like to enter the contest. I’ll collect all the names and pick the winner in a week (on Thursday, April 9th).

And here’s what I’ll give away: I’ll follow Emily’s excellent idea and let the winner pick a book that’s listed in the Books Read section of the blog.  In other words, that person can pick anything I’ve reviewed since 2007. If you win, whatever from those lists your heart desires is yours.

Entries from people outside the U.S. are fine.

This is just a little thank you for making the book blogosphere so wonderful!


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24 responses to “Book Give-Away

  1. I am so glad you received the book I sent you.
    You are so right, the book-blog community is so fun and I have also won several great books over the years.
    Now… I will enter your contest but if I win, people will surely think there is some sort of conspiracy afloat between Books & Bikes & Puddles!

  2. I love reading your blog, though I seldom if ever comment. I’ve heard so much about The Elegance of the Hedgehog, and your review convinced me to add it to my reading wish list. If I won I’d pick that.

  3. I am always up for a book giveaway! Please enter me :) I love the idea of picking something from your list of reviewed books–great idea!

  4. I’ve won yarn in knitting contests, but have never entered a book giveaway before, so this idea is fun.

    Of course if local bloggers are ineligible, that’s OK too. :)

  5. I’ve just spent a pleasurable few minutes browsing in your Books Read section – so many to chose from, please enter me in your book giveaway. (By the way, I’ve got one on the go as well.)

  6. Wow – fantastic! I’m up for that. You remind me as well that I have several doubles here that I’ve been meaning to offer as giveaways. I must do so!

  7. adevotedreader

    Please enter me into the giveaway as well. I agree the book blogging community is both wonderful and generous ad is now an important part of my reading life.

  8. Mr W

    Yes! Put me on the list, Dorothy. And congratulations on your blogging anniversary!

  9. Oh! Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!

    And happy belated three-year blogging anniversary :D

  10. Wow! What an extensive list of books you have read in the last three years! I am excited about a few of them, so it would be a hard choice for me. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  11. I really liked the Geraldine Brooks book–you won a good read, I think. It’s very generous of you to offer up a book as well. Please count me in.

  12. P.T. Smith

    I feel dirty doing this since I think I’ve only posted one other time, but I read regularly, and a free book is a free book.
    Now I want to send a friend a book.

  13. Please enter me because it’s my birthday and I want books for my birthday.

  14. What an enticing idea! I’d love to enter. xo

  15. Very generous! count me in!

  16. Ooooo, count me in! Although, if I win, I have no idea how I’m going to choose which book.

  17. Cam

    I’m so glad I’m not reading this too late to enter. But it might take me some time to decide because your blog has made me want to read so many of the books you have written about.

  18. Fay

    What a dope I am sometimes. Sorry I commented in the wrong place, under “Books Read.” Please include me in your drawing. Sheepishly, Fay

  19. Ooh, you’ve read a bunch of books I’d love to read, so please enter me! Thanks!

  20. What a great idea for a giveaway! Choosing would be difficult, but please throw my name in anyway.

  21. I’ve won a lot of great books from blogging friends too – our community is really the best!

    Oh and did you do a celebratory post for your three years? In any case, happy bloggiversary! :)

    And, of course, count me in!

  22. I seldom comment though I read your blog regularly! You have a wonderful book read section! I will spend some time just browsing through the reviews which I missed! Please, count me in as well, although I never win any givaways:D

  23. What a great idea. And here’s me scrolling down to the end to see who won when the contest is still open. So enter me too please. xx